LCN Buzzz Foot Butter, 200 ml

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Intensively nourishing foot butter for very stressed skin. Rich foot butter with a sustainable care effect and the fragrance of milk & honey. With Soy oil, Glycerine, Shea butter, milk proteins and bees wax.

Foot care products for daily use. To fulfill the needs and demands of the clients individual skin types.


  • Effective ingredients on a natural basis
  • Innovative care formula with sustainable care effect
  • Improves the smoothness of rough and stressed skin
  • High-value ingredients nourish the skin and leave the skin feeling palpably soft
  • Very attractive packaging
  • Itchiness and inflammatory reactions are minimised
  • Protects very stressed skin, for example athletes’ skin

Product recommendation/Use

  • For dry to very dry skin
  • For chapped and brittle skin along the feet
  • For customers who like rich and indulgent care

Product description

Intensely nourishing foot butter that pampers with urea, soy oil, glycerine, shea butter, precious milk proteins and bees wax. Chapped and dry skin becomes smooth and flexible. Rough and chapped skin becomes smooth and flexible. The seductive combination of milk and honey leaves the skin feeling soft to the touch and softly fragrant.

Ingredients and effects

  • Urea (10%): Sustainably provides the skin with moisture
  • Glycerine: Provides the skin with moisture
  • Shea butter: Contains vitamin E, carotenoid and allantoin, which is a combination of fatty acids that is perfectly suited for skin care. Shea butter makes the skin feel soft and pleasant for a long time. The skin is nourished and provided with moisture. In addition Shea butter contains precious substances renowned for the marked healing effect, as well as the fatty acids triglyceride, fatty and linoleic acid.
  • Milk proteins: In cosmetics milk is considered to be the skin’s beautifier. Milk contains calcium, vitamines and minerals. Milk proteins leave the skin feeling soft as butter. It is ideally suited for dry, sensitive and mature skin. The result: the skin’s texture is firm, strong, fresh and hydrated.
  • Honey: In ancient Rome, honey was considered to be “heavenly medicine”. Honey calms stressed skin and smooths the rough, dry parts of the skin. Furthermore the slightly sour pH-value of honey is very similar to that of the skin. Thus the skin’s acid protective mechanism is not attacked and a loss of moisture is prevented.
  • Bees wax: Reduces skin problems and protects from dryness


Apply the rich foot butter Buzz mornings and evenings generously to your feet, as required. Apply the cream even more generously to those parts that have been subjected to a lot of wear and tear. LCN’s recommendation: Pamper your feet with Buzz foot butter before you go to bed and let the nourishing ingredients be absorbed overnight. The result the next morning will be skin that is seductive and gentle to the touch.

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