LCN Display Citrus Foot Care, stocked in an assortment of 6 + Tester

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A combination of nourishing oils, extracts and salts turns this rich on active ingredients foot care series into the ultimate freshness experience. With a fresh scent of Citrus. Suitable for demanding skin.

The LCN Foot Care Series has never been presented in a more beautiful way.


  • LCN Citrus Foot Bath Crystals, 100 g
  • LaNature Lemon Soap in a preserving jar
  • LCN Citrus Foot Peeling, 100 ml
  • LCN Citrus Foot Cream, 100 ml
  • LCN Citrus Foot Mask, 100 ml
  • LCN Citrus Fresh-Up Spray, 100 ml

You will receive this display stocked with one tester each and 6 pcs for retail seperately.

LCN Citrus Foot Bath Crystals


  • Intensive care
  • Deodorizing
  • Vitalizing

The LCN Citrus Line is a refreshing foot care series, rich on natural, active ingredients, to satisfy even demanding skin. A combination of nourishing oils, extracts and salts turn this LCN Citrus line into an absolute wellness experience for hands and feet.

Product recommendation/Use

  • Unisex foot care for dry, stressed and demanding feet
  • For tired and heavy feet and legs

Product description

Citrus Foot Bath Crystals Foot bath crystals containing sea salt, lemon grass and lemon peel oil. This foot bath has a deodorizing and vitalizing effect.

Lemon grass: A main flavouring ingredient in the asian kitchen. Its taste comes closer to the taste of lemon peel than lemon juice. The lower, thicker part of the stem is used only. However, the complete stem should be soaked bevor using it. By eating it a slow digestive system is being accelerated; it's oil soothes hot, sweaty feet. Heat up the oil and you will have a perfect room deodorizer.


A small amount can be added to every foot bath

LCN Citrus Foot Peeling


  • Intensive care
  • Pleasant scent
  • Gentle peeling

Foot peeling for smooth feet with the pleasant fragrance of lemons. Peeling granules gently remove dead skin cells and smoothen rough and dry skin.

Lemon peel oil: Obtained from lemon peel. It has stimulating, refreshing and cleansing properties


Distribute a small amount on the skin and massage in. Rinse off with water.

LCN Citrus Foot Cream


  • Intensive care
  • Refreshing effect
  • Lipid replenishing

This refreshing Citrus foot cream nourishes and envigorates with selected active ingredients. Lemon grass and lemon peel oil provide this foot cream with a special, pleasant note. Avocado oil and panthenol turn the skin smooth and soft.

Avocado oil: Avocado oil has a valuable composition of fatty acids with up to 85% of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly palm-, oleic- and linoleic acid. In addition it is rich on Vitamin A and E. This rich oil distributes easily on the skin and is absorbed very quickly. For this reason it is used a lot in high quality lotions and creams. In its countries of origin Avocado oil is a traditional care product to protect the skin from dehydration and turning rough. This is mainly due to the contents of phytosterin and vitamins.


Apply daily or as needed.

LCN Citrus Foot Mask


  • Intensive care
  • Refreshing effect
  • Lipid replenishing
  • Moisturizing
  • For dry and sensitive ski

A foot mask for dry and sensible skin. Shea butter, squalan and almond oil have a calming and moisturizing effect.

Shea butter: Derived from the kernel of the Shea nut, which looks very similar to a plum. Shea butter turns the skin supple and nourishes it. Shea butter is rumored to have anti oxidative properties. The additon of Shea butter is especially effective for the skin renewal process in sun- and wind damaged skin.

Almond oil: Derived from the dried kernels of the almond tree. Indigenous to Asia and the Mediterranean. The oil is odourless with an excellent effect on the skin. Almond oil helps the skin the keep the balance between loss and intake of moisture. Sweet almond oil contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals and relieves itching as well as soothing dry and inflammed skin.

Squalene: Derived from olive oil, it is very well known for its capability to store moisture. Squalene has a number of positive and attested properties for the skin: it alleviates and diminishes wrinkles and sun damage; it fills up the skins own oils; it keeps the skin moist; it generates a protective barrier against wind, dust and negative environmental influences; it prevents rough patches and dryness in the face, on elbows, hands, knees and feet.


- Great to leave overnight

- Recommended before a paraffin treatment

LCN Citrus Fresh-Up Spray


  • Intensive care
  • Refreshing effect
  • Moisturizing
  • For dry and sensitive skin
  • Fits in any purse
  • Not a time intensive care

Refreshing leg- and foot spray with a nourishing and revitalizing effect. Plant oils nourish the skin with a high amount on linoleic acid. In addition horse chestnut extract strenghtens the connective tissue.

Linoleic acid: This unsaturated fatty acid is commonly used in cosmetics as thickening agent. Research has shown that linoleic acid has an effect on the cell regulation as well as the repair of the skins barrier. In addition it has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Horse chestnut: The most common form of the horse chestnut extract contains a high amount of aescin as acitve ingredient. This ingredient, also known as escin, is known for its anti-inflammatory effect. Ingredients Application - Great for along the way - Fast solution for tired legs.

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