Depilonine Advanced against Hair problems treatment

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The following results have been observed following clinical trials in people with hyperpigmentation:

  • in cases of fluffy hair growth success rate up to 100%.
  • in telogen hair the success rates can reach 86%.
  • Also, in people with hair problems and at the same time a hormonal problem, there were equally high success rates of 70%. While when these individuals, in addition to Depilonine treatment, were taking medication recommended by their treating physician, then the success rates were 96%.

Continuous studies have shown that the use of Depilonine Advanced is extremely safe, without causing any side effects or complications.



The new improved composition of Depilonine Advanced is more effective, because:

  • Each vial contains 5ml Depilonine, ie 2ml more than in the previous package.
  • This set consists of 4 vials of dark color so that there is greater stability in terms of enzyme activity and the powder is kept in a separate vial.
  • The enzymes we have used are of high activity and high purity and we have procured them from large certified companies abroad.
  • The concentration of enzymes, chymotrypsin and papain, is higher. Chymotrypsin is in greater quantity and papain in double quantity. The higher the concentration of enzymes, the more immediate and better the result. The professional must use the solution as it is and no additional additions to the product are allowed.
  • The product is enriched with substances that maintain the life of the products, give purity to the product, retain moisture and regulate the cosmetic mixture. Thanks to the combination of the above substances the enzymes are retained and remain active.
  • The shelf life of the product is 3 months from the date of opening, provided that it is kept in the freezer immediately after each use.

The Depilonine Advanced containing 4 vials of 5ml / each, with high activity and high purity enzymes.

Phase mixing instructions

Phase 1 Phase 2
Vial 1 contains Chymotrypsin with lid



Vial 2 contains the solution and the dropper


Phase 1 Phase 2
Vial 1 contains Papain with lid



Vial 2 contains the solution and the dropper

Place the contents of vial 2 in vial 1 to mix. Mix it well and place the dropper in the vial 1 (where it has been mixed with our final product) which permanently replaces the cap. This procedure is followed for both Depilonine A and for Depilonine B .

In detail, the procedure for using Depilonine Advanced is as follows:

Apply the Depilonine A solution to a newly depilated hair follicle. The hair can be removed from the root in many ways, such as: thermolysis, electrolysis (radical hair removal), hot or cold wax, thread or after laser / IPL (pulsed light) and if the time has come. time for hair to fall out (it depends on the person and the area ). Immediately after the application, iontophoresis follows, which takes place up to 2 'at the negative pole. Then apply and ionize the Depilonine B solution in the same way .

How to Store the Enzyme

Particular care should be taken when storing Depilonine Advanced . After dissolving the enzymes, the product is stored in the freezer for 3 months in order to maintain their unchanged activity and to have the desired result.

Instructions for use

  • Each enzyme is ionized separately.
  • Caution! The iontophoresis should last 1 to 2 minutes and its intensity should not be more than 2 Milamp.
  • Care should be taken with the candle which should not burn to avoid irritation. Preferably it is good to use azulene wax. By using iontophoresis we can have the expected result. Alternatively, ultrasound may be used but this method is less efficient.
  • The iontophoresis electrode that comes in contact with the area we want to iontophores since it is not metallic should be moisturized but does not hold excess water which can cause the product to dilute.
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