Depilonine Pro eliminates excessive hair growth in the depilated area

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The Depilonine Pro stands out thanks to its innovative and proteolytic activity of papain which penetrates the skin following special kallyntikotechniki form. The Depilonine Pro acts as a carrier of proteolytic enzymes in the regenerative cells and has very good results in the inactivation of stem cells.


The Depilonine Pro contains 2 vials of 10ml / each with high activity and high purity enzymes.

Phase mixing instructions

Depilonine Pro 1 Depilonine Pro 2
Phase 1 Phase 2
Vial 1 contains an enzyme with a cap



Vial 2 contains the buffer (the liquid to be mixed) and a dropper

Place the contents of vial 2 in vial 1 to mix. Mix it well and place the dropper in the vial 1 (where it has been mixed with our final product) which permanently replaces the cap.

  • Apply the Depilonine Pro solution to a newly depilated hair follicle. Hair removal from the root can be done in many ways such as: thermolysis, electrolysis (radical hair removal), hot or cold wax, thread or after laser / IPL (pulsed light) and if the time period has occurred to make hair fall ( depends on person to person and area to area) .

Instructions for use for the customer

After the hair has been removed from the root in any way and any method (temporary or permanent) hair removal chosen by the Beautician-Cosmetologist, apply Depilonine Pro on the area until it is absorbed. Repeat 3 times a day for the next 3 days. The amount applied depends on the area.

Side effects

Based on ongoing studies and controls, no side effects have been observed.

How to Store

After mixing, the shelf life of the product is 1 month and can only be kept in the freezer

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