LCN Fruit Care Honeydew Melon, 50 ml

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Fruity nourishing Hand Cream. Elastin and panthenol contained, prevents wrinkles and moisturizes the skin intensively. It is absorbed quickly and leaves a very pleasant feel to the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Hand cream containing Glycerin as well as the Biopolymer Hydroxypropyl Chitosan.


  • Nourishes the skin intensively
  • Balances the moisture contents of the skin
  • The skin appears tighter and firmer
  • Fruity-tantalising scent of honey melon

Product recommendation/Use

For all skin types

Product description

LCN Fruit Care Honeydew Melon hand cream nourishes the skin with glycerin and panthenol. In combination with the biopolymer hydroxypropyl chitosan this cream ensures a balanced moisture contents. Elastin promotes the formation of the skins own elastin and is therefore strengthening the connective tissue. The skin will appear firmer and tighter.

Matching the theme Fruit Care Honey Melon has a fruity-sweet scent like ripe honey melons.


Elastin: Elastin is an essential protein within elastic fibres, tendons and ligaments. However, within the connective tissue of the skin its presence is only approx. 2 — 4 % whereas the collagen content is approx. 70 %. The mechanical properties of the connective tissue are the result of the interlocking of the elastic fibres with collagen. During the course of the ageing process a progressive cross-linkage of the collagen occurs whereby the flexibility of the connective tissue decreases. At the same time the elastin fibres are thickening, they become brittle and consequently are loosing their gummy properties. That is on the one hand because of the accumulation of lipids onto the hydrophobic groups of the elastin and on the other hand on the increase of the calcium and magnesium contents. These processes which are happening in the skin lead to a loss of elasticity and moisture within the tissue and therefore to the formation of wrinkles. The active ingredient containing elastin counteracts this process. With the daily application of elastin the contents of elastin fibres will be increased. In addition they are arranged finer and more consistently

Hydroxypropyl Chitosan: Hydroxypropyl Chitosan is a natural biopolymer. It is especially valued within the cosmetics industry because of its ability to bind water. The biopolymer forms transparent visco-elastic films which restrain the moisture in the skin and protect the skin against outer environmental influences

Glycerin: Glycerin forms part of the skins own moisture system and is therefore suited as moisturizer and is for this reason very compatible. Glycerin is rumored to have hydrating, moisturizing effect. It is supposed to even surpass the effect of Urea. According to the latest studies glycerin is supposed to have an additional barrier protecting effect. Glycering is supposed to stabilize the skins barrier by turning the lipid structures in the skin malleable.


  1. Apply Fruit Care Honeydew Melon hand cream as needed
  2. Can be applied daily
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