LCN Nail Polish Trend Colours "La Belle Vie!", 8 ml

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LCN Nail Polish Trend Colours "La Belle Vie!"

French nonchalance, charming colours - an expression of a beautiful life. Our new trend La Belle Vie! offers you just that and a lot more. Imagine you saunter along the Champs-Élysées and with some luck and a little imagination you will come across a unicorn in Paris. Our favourite polish in this collection is versatile and multifaceted. Discover a delicate colour trend, matching the upcoming Spring season, that will flatter every woman.

LCN polishes are developed for the professional demands and use a worldwide unique, patented Ceramic-Nano-Technology. They are free of all harmful ingredients. This differenciate from other brands with a high colour stability as well as a extremely short drying time and ultimate shine.

Expert Advice

  1. Apply a thin layer LCN Diamond Base
  2. Apply a LCN Nail Polish of your choice in two thin layers.
  3. As a finish seal with LCN Top Coat Flash Dry&Shine. To achieve a professional finish!

Why you will love LCN Nail Polish colours:

  • No animal testing - animal friendly
  • 7 free*
  • 100% vegan
  • fast drying
  • creamy texture ·
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