Acne/anti Aging Treatment Renewal Enzymatic Lotion 30 ml and Snail Serum 20 ml

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Unique and innovative combination for immediate regeneration and anti-ageing/acne effect on the skin
RENEWAL ENZYMATIC LOTION With papain, natural hydrating factors and snail secretion. The Renewal Enzymatic Lotion eliminates small wrinkles, improves skin texture and restores moisture levels to the natural condition of the skin, protecting against the damaging effects of the environment. SNAIL SERUM Unique pure Snail Secretion with strong anti-ageing action which revitalizes and brightens the skin. Within one month there are visible results on the skin. The skin becomes more shiny. The combination of Renewal Enzymatic Lotion and Snail Serum increases elasticity and restructures the collagen and the elastin, providing a complete daily moisturising care for a glowing, beautiful and youthful skin. CONTENT Enzymatic Lotion: 30ml & Snail serum: 20ml USAGE Daily, once per day TYPE OF SKIN Skin with fine lines and deep wrinkles Sagging skin Skin lacking brightness Skin lacking firmness Skin lacking muscle tone With Acne
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